featuing chantalle litvak


With hyper-dynamic Presence, much passion, and determination, Chantalle targets women and men who want to express joy to the world with bold colors and styles that are flirtatious, contemporary; and, at the same time, elegant. Her ethos of environmental sustainability has Chantalle constantly on the lookout to give second chances to fabrics, colors, and people.


For the pieces that are upcycled Chantalle was fascinated to play with remains and leftover fabrics and transform the pants and blouse into these unique and innovative pieces. The upcycled garments were made to emphasize that sustainable consumerism is ethical and can also be beautiful. She wanted to mix textures such as denim, lace, and fabric patterns with flora, fauna, and vibrant colors to make these garments beautiful and joyous. The skirt and top were made with cleverly reused and recycled fabrics, which simultaneously exuded elegance and ethical behavior. The separate skirt is exceptionally flexible since it can be worn in multiple ways that consistently highlight the pink-cut out peeking out on the bottom and the split side, which can be opened or closed depending on the mood of the occasion.

For the Men’s pieces Chantalle designed her men’s robe to be used for multiple occasions, both formal and informal, while still maintaining a fashionable outlook. Her robe’s luxurious fabric sparkles with multi-colored stripes expressing elegance yet light enough to have a more playful attitude. In this case, it was paired with casual white trousers, which only helped to emphasize the robe’s glittering shades of pink, green and blue. Her other men’s outfit was created to show how her designs can support a man’s active lifestyle by creating separates that highlight the male physique and athleticism. The top was ingeniously made with a cutout and safety pins linking the shirt. The fabric flows beautifully with movement, and its watery blue and green material is matched with loose black trousers that provide a refined and relaxed look.

Chantalle Litvak is a gorgeous, blonde woman from Chile with a diminutive size but a hyper-dynamic presence. Her motto: “If you want to make a change, BE the change!” exemplifies her passion and determination to present clothes that align with her ethos. Her line is targeted at women who want to express joy to the world with colors and styles that are flirtatious and, at the same time, elegant. Her ethos of environmental sustainability has Chantalle constantly on the lookout to give second chances to fabrics, colors, and even people.

Pair 1 Men’s Her menswear was inspired by her friend Diego, a soccer player. She used intricate color and textural combinations that flowed naturally on the body. Chantelle wanted to enhance Diego’s physical grace by pairing him with clothes that gave him the freedom to move while still looking beautiful.

Pair 2 Upcycling Chantalle believes in second chances as well as being environmentally conscious. She practices what she preaches by creating these two incredible garments of upcycled fabrics and accessories. She revels in the challenge of making 100% sustainable fashion by creating new apparel from an old outfit, recycling, and using wholly natural dyes.

Pair 3 Swimwear Chantalle’s swimwear is rooted in the reuse and deconstruction of garments while still creating new unique and non-repeatable clothing. Why? Because Chantalle knows that every person in this world is amazing, she wants all her customers to feel special. The embroidered floral capes are matched by bikinis that evoke the Miami coastline with its rich turquoise and pink color scheme.